Side Purple

by Jak Is A Four Letter Word

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released November 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Jak Is A Four Letter Word New Orleans, Louisiana

this is for me, that is for you; pressure valve #24; justified melodrama; restraint chokes expression; trauma, subdued self-destruction, pure-O, emoting to eyes that hardly give a damn

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Track Name: The Ice Cream Man
Yeah uh huh uh huh
Step back a minute while I break into this track with the knack for fat stacks
The wack acts that lack facts get smacked back to relax
Now react, you say "Hooooo!"
And get back to the introduccion, let me leave this mic alone and pass it on and on
To the rhyme master, the lyrical street pastor
The longer laster faster one man disaster: M.C. Ice Cream bout to drop the bomb track about that Ice Cream Maaaan!
...y'all ready for this?
The ice cream man, he's my guy
The ice cream man, he can fly
The ice cream man, he owns a plane
The ice cream man doesn't have a brain
The ice cream man's got a TV
The ice cream man, he knows me
The ice cream man got a lot of drugs
The ice cream man gives me lots of hugs
The ice cream man climb in my door
The ice cream man gonna come back for more
The ice cream man's got some ice
The ice cream man is really nice
The ice cream man's got some green
The ice cream man can be really mean
The ice cream man's just another man
The ice cream man's doing what he can
The ice cream man's got a flavored car
The ice cream man's gonna go real far
The ice cream man likes to see
The ice cream man likes to be
The ice cream man, he's got some things
The ice cream man's got a ding a ling
Track Name: Front Page
Last night they had the Republican convention and I lost a bet so I went in a dress
Nobody else showed up, I didn't feel like hanging round
Fox said it was a rousing success
Then I was trying to find a taxi when I saw this truck driving up on the side
I showed him some leg and he swerved, thinking it was a bear
And he was gone before I could ask for a ride
I shot craps in an alley and I won a bus pass so I caught the bus and ended up back home
And I hoped someone would be there since I was dolled up so fine
My mom came over but all she wanted was help with the email on her phone again
So when she left I thought that I might go to bed
But the newspaper man threw the paper at my house about that time
I looked down and read the headline, it said:
"The Ugliest Girl In The World Shows GOP Support" know, I really don't know what part of that bothers me more.
It's hurtful, just hurtful.
Anyway I figured I'd take a shower then I remembered all my bills were overdue
So I went into the neighbor's yard and set off the sprinklers covered with Dial hand soap and dog shampoo
I ended up getting water in my beer and there was only one hand towel
This isn't going anywhere anymore so I'll quit while I'm ahead
Track Name: Next Day Comes Hard
After the night is done I know I can have fun trying to sing with no voice
Broke vocal cords from the night before
Here's where I ask what I've asked a hundred times before:
How much did I drink last night?
We embarrassed our friends at the diner cuz we were loud
And that's why I can't sing today
So now it's that kind of day where it's okay to lay in a bed that's not yours
Stare at the ceiling, amazed you're not bored
Trying to find some kind of genuine expression
But lately that just leads to pointless depression
Because you don't remember why you do anything that you do anymore
It's just things that you do
You put this existence together for you, you should thank yourself
Send a message back in time and thank yourself
Send a message back in time and thank yourself
Send a warning back in time and save yourself
Well, it's not like you'd listen, it's you